Consider the Benefits of a New SUV

If you are considering a new vehicle, we at Hoffman Lexus want to share with you the benefits of owning an SUV. Whether you are driving around town or taking a trip to do some off-roading with friends, an SUV is a great option.

Some SUVs can tow right away. Attach a trailer, and you are ready to go. There are features in some new SUVs like sway control while you tow. If you like packing all your gear for off-roading fun, a trailer may be needed for a great amount of fun!

Getting out in the mountains or dunes is an adventure with an SUV. Under-body protection is available in many SUVs, and they have higher clearance for maneuvering on rough terrain. An SUV can get passengers and gear to an off-road destination, so you can worry about having fun instead of how you are going to transport your gear.



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