Extended Warranty Options Available at Hoffman Lexus

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Extended Warranty Options Available
at Hoffman Lexus

When you buy a Lexus extended warranty, you’ll enjoy freedom from worry even after the factory warranty expires. With multiple options now available at our Lexus dealer near Hartford, you’ll see why Connecticut Lexus fans are eager to protect their vehicles for the long haul with a Lexus Vehicle Service Agreement. If you’re ready to review coverage options for new vs. used Lexus models, please visit our showroom and let our Lexus sales team explain car warranty price points, term limits and coverage details.

What Are the Lexus Extended Warranty Options?

Our local Lexus dealer offers three unique extended warranty options for used and new Lexus models. Because every Lexus Vehicle Service Agreement is a factory-backed program, all coverage tiers share several perks that aren’t available with third-party car warranty providers. Our favorite Lexus extended warranty program benefits include:

  • 24-hour Lexus roadside assistance
  • Repairs performed at authorized Lexus service centers
  • Use of Lexus-approved parts for all qualifying car repairs
  • Various deductible options
  • Transferable and cancellable

Explore the coverage tiers in more detail below, then visit our local Lexus dealer to speak with our auto sales team and discuss these offerings in more detail.

Lexus Powertrain VSA Coverage

The Lexus Powertrain Plus coverage offers protection around your vehicle’s key powertrain components. You’ll enjoy complete coverage on components like the Lexus engine, transmission, axle assembly and select suspension parts even after the factory warranty expires. Because these are major Lexus parts that can be priced on the higher end of the spectrum, this plan could save you thousands in future car repairs.

Lexus Gold VSA Coverage

The Lexus Gold VSA builds on the Powertrain plan offering complete coverage for a wide variety of components, including many that fall within the Lexus brakes, fuel system and electronic component groups. Like the Lexus Powertrain VSA, you can purchase this coverage tier for used and new Lexus vehicles.

Lexus Extra Care Platinum VSA Coverage

The most premium level of coverage available through our East Hartford Lexus dealer is the Lexus Extra Care Platinum VSA. Almost everything aside from normal Lexus maintenance items are covered under this plan, and you’ll enjoy additional benefits like enhanced trip protection and car rental reimbursement. When you buy an Extra Care Platinum plan, you’ll even enjoy coverage for Lexus hybrid components like the hybrid generator and motor assemblies. This is truly the most comprehensive Lexus VSA offering available for Connecticut luxury car owners, so please visit us today to learn more about plan specifics.

Should I Buy a Lexus Extended Warranty?

If you plan on keeping your vehicle beyond the factory period, yes. By choosing to buy a Lexus extended warranty, you’re purchasing peace of mind from the uncertainty of unexpected car repair costs, as well as a long list of exclusive program benefits that come with all Lexus VSA plans for sale at our dealership. If you’re ready to protect your new or used Lexus RX or NX, contact Hoffman Lexus today.