Hoffman Advantage Program in East Hartford

Hoffman Advantage East Hartford

Discover How the Hoffman Advantage Will Dramatically Enhance Your Car-Ownership Experience

Drivers that wisely choose to explore all that the Hoffman Advantage has to offer are always thrilled when they discover exactly what this program can do! Vehicle owners that work with Hoffman Lexus here in East Hartford will be able to enjoy the many benefits that this fantastic and exclusive service program provides. So why wouldn't our customers want to learn more?

You're probably asking yourself "well what exactly is the Hoffman Advantage?", so please allow us to explain...

Hoffman Advantage Hartford

Save Money when the Time Comes For Servicing with the Hoffman Advantage

As you drive around the city of Hartford in Connecticut, one day you may notice that the check-engine light has illuminated. Or perhaps you are behind the wheel in New Britain and you experience an unfortunate flat tire. Maybe while you were sitting in traffic, you accidently rear-ended someone in Manchester, CT.

Regardless of the specifics, the point we are making is that accidents happen and all cars naturally wear down over time.

However, those that are savvy enough to become a Hoffman Advantage Member will be able to receive big savings when they are in need of factory recommended maintenance for their cherished ride!

Below you can see the key benefits of the Hoffman Advantage, and we strongly suspect you'll be inclined to take advantage of this exclusive servicing program once you check them out.

  • Effortlessly protect yourself from pricey service and maintenance costs for your car
  • Protect the coverage of your vehicle's warranty as well as your investment overall
  • your cost of ownership will be substantially lowered as a result of this maintenance program
  • For zero deductible, Sign and Drive Maintenance is included for members of the Hoffman Advantage
  • This maintenance program will also improve the resale value of your automobile well into the future
  • For your convenience, you can even easily track all of your service visits and maintenance tasks on your smartphone

We'll ask again; why not take advantage of the Hoffman Advantage here in East Hartford? Please stop by Hoffman Lexus today if you'd like to inquire!

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